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Problem Summary

WCG broke the initial news, so far unsubstantiated, in a blog post written by Matthew Snodgrass. Big Pharma has relied on the ability to disable comments on Facebook walls. This ability gave Big Pharma the comfort to participate in the Social Networking space without having to worry about off-label posts, adverse event reports, or resourcing live comment moderation. A lack of clear guidelines from the FDA, something nobody really expects anyway, has given credence to Big Pharma's regulatory and legal concerns.

According to the blog posts and discussions, so far, comments will be activated for almost all Facebook pages mid-June. Meaning ...corporate Pages, general disease awareness Pages, and unbranded campaign Pages will have their comments re-enabled for their Walls, photos, and videos.

There are several types of pages that will reportedly continue to be allowed to disable comments:

Solution Summary

A mixed bag of solutions is being discussed in the wide web. A key element of the solution is creating a custom wall that becomes the default landing page. Using spam blockers and profanity blockers will help address some concerns around certain types of posts. What types of keywords can be used, and how deeply they can be applied is still up in the air.

Another step will be using a post-moderation process service such as [WWW]Liveworld to actively deal with comments and posts after they occur. Community managers can either choose to engage and respond to the poster, or [WWW]remove a comment. Obviously, if you choose to engage, you should avoid some of the Fails that have happened in the past, such as [WWW]Nestle's, now classic, Facebook Fail.


Here are some of the pages I've found so far that seem to be a fair assessment of the pages discussing the issue.

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